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My heart is feeling heavy

And my soul is full of hurt,                                    

Found on Pinterest on 6-10-16. Dalai Lama.

Found on Pinterest on 6-10-16. The Dalai Lama.

For my beloved Country

Is being dragged through dirt.

The lack of regulations,

Others yelling of their rights,

Has enabled many others

To turn a blind eye

To mass killings in the night.

How can we as a Country

Keep choosing to defer,

Some kind of gun control

So shootings won’t occur?

How many of our people

Have to die senseless deaths,

Because we lack intelligence

And will to save the breaths

Of other human beings

Who deserve to live?

What keeps us from trying

To give what we can give?

Our time and our attention

To set the record straight:

We won’t live with shootings,

And we can’t afford to wait,

For the “do nothing Congress,”

To decide to legislate,

Whether others in our Nation

Deserve to feel secure,

Live their lives with freedom,

And equality that’s pure.

It’s time to lift our voices

As one in this great land,

To call or send petitions

So all can understand.

We’re taking back our Country

So freedom can ring,

Again in America,

With all that freedom brings.