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An old man leaned against a brick wall,

Feeling sad about life, old jobs, and past loves.                   

Found on Pinterest on 6-3-16.

Found on Pinterest on 6-3-16.

He was feeling regret for unfulfilled dreams.

It was hard for him to pinpoint,

When it all started going down hill.

His mother had died when he was five.

He lost his best friend to diphtheria,

When he was a boy of ten.

He spent most of his time, as a young man,

Running errands for other people.

He became fast on his feet,

And he knew enough to get by.

When he was twenty-one, he lost

The love of his life to his best friend.

He started drinking to ease the pain.

World War II started, and

He decided to join the army.

He was sent overseas to fight

People he didn’t know, in a country

He had never heard of before.

He learned the meaning of hell,

Made friends who became like brothers,

And watched them die on the beaches

Of Normandy.

He became gaunt of face and he grew

From a scared Kentucky boy into a man.

He was discharged from the army,

Because he was unable to sleep, and

He had flashbacks of things

No sane man would talk

Found on Pinterest on 6-4-16. Sarah.

Found on Pinterest on 6-4-16. Sarah.


He went back to college and flunked out,

Because the nightmares were too severe.

He bounced from one job to another,

Barely making enough money to eat.

His heart felt broken, his mind gone

Because of the horrors of war.

He tried to drink himself into oblivion.

He wanted to drown out the screams

Of his friends in battle.

People he once knew, distanced from him.

They laughed at his drunken bouts,

Called him names when he fell.

They did not understand  tears were locked

Inside his shattered heart,

Because of loses never  resolved. 

It is sad  that no one took the time,

To ask him his name or why a man

Would live the way he did.

No one offered him a hand, or said,

“Thank you for your service in the army.”

Instead, assumptions were made

About a man they barely knew.

This man once had a life, 

 And  parents who loved him.

Yet people only tend to see

His dirty tattered clothes,

His missing front teeth,

And the fact he was sitting

By the street.