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There are times when I am aware                                     

Found on Pinterest on 5-15-16.

Found on Pinterest on 5-15-16.

That I am one with the universe,

That I am more spirit than body.

That my skin and bones hold me back

From where I yearn to go and stay.


I want to have my pair of wings and

Dive down canyons at the speed of light;

Peel forth laughter that would echo down

All the various corridors of time and  send

Forth vibrations of goodness and love.


Yet,  I must accept the limitations I am given,                      

Found on Pinterest on 5-5-16

Found on Pinterest on 5-5-16. Lakota Seer.

That as a mortal man, my body remains

Chained to the earth, as my mind travels

To the far reaches of the brightest stars,

So my soul can sit at the feet of Jesus.