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In earlier days, you crawled in dirt,                                   

Found on Pinterest on 5-12-16. Butterflies.

Found on Pinterest on 5-12-16. Butterflies.

Struggled hard to keep alive.

Your skin was tougher than most.

You tried your best just to survive.

With fear beating in your chest,

You crawled on old tree bark.

You looked up and saw the sun,

And climbed high to leave your mark. 

When you reached a higher branch,

You stopped to rest a little while.

You closed your eyes to take a nap,

The branch swayed, I saw you smile. 

Some days passed and still you slept.

Soon a cocoon surrounded you.

Oblivious to all this change,

There wasn’t  much that you could do

To stop this from happening,

While inside you grew more strange.


Then one morning, came a voice:                    

Found on Pinterest on 5-12-16.

Found on Pinterest on 5-12-16.

“Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Leave your cocoon on the twig.

Don’t be afraid to wiggle out.

It’s time for you to dance a jig.

Keep swaying in the gentle breeze.

Soon you’ll become a butterfly.

You’ll dance on air between tall trees

And fly high in deep blue sky.”


“Oh, no!” You cried. “I’m all undone.

Nothing is left that looks like me.

What did I do, to deserve this?

Is this to be my destiny?”

A crack occurred on the cocoon.

Movement came, bit by bit

Until you slid out in the air.

On a twig, you stretched and lit.

Bedraggled, wet, you looked a sight.                              

Found on Pinterest on 5-12-16.

Found on Pinterest on 5-12-16.

Then you rested for an hour.

The sun came out and warmed you up.

It dried your wings while on a flower.

You lifted one and then the other,

And felt movement in your wings.

Soon you were climbing really high,

Floating in the endless sky.

You felt the joy that freedom brings

And let out a soft cry.

“Thank you, God, for giving me

A new life, to fly above.

You gave me the gift of flight,

As a sign of your great love.”