Mother’s Day is remembered in the hearts of those who had good mothers as well as those who had dysfunctional mothers. Many of us carry the grief of what we never had and what is too late for us to obtain as adults. I reblog this post, as my heart goes out to them, and I want them to know I acknowledge their pain, and grieve with them. Yu/stan/kema.


Mothers who raise their children in dysfunctional homes have a difficult time dealing with all the stress that comes with domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, neglect, and mental illness. These factors influence child development in ways we can’t even begin to understand. Families living in poverty and single-households have their difficult times, but many of them do commit to making the best future possible for their children. I have great respect for mothers that create a loving and safe environment for their children despite a lack of money or a spouse to help them take care of them. These are strong mothers , courageous women who do so much with very few resources.

When alcoholism or drug addiction is involved, the  home can become an unsafe and dangerous place for a child. Mothers who take drugs and drink alcohol in access, often fall asleep or have personality changes that can…

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