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Where do wounded hearts go,

When sweet love dies?                                

Found on Pinterest on 4-25-16.

Found on Pinterest on 4-25-16.

Where do people go to rest

When they no longer cry?


How do people still exist,

When they are torn apart,

And feel like they are living,

With only half a heart?


How do they rise and start

Each day anew,

And still pretend to smile a lot,

despite what others do?


How do they stay at work,

Losing all they had?

How can they do each task,

Without going mad?


What keeps them standing,

On unsteady feet,

Without falling down,

When love is bitter-Sweet?


They survive empty nights;

Endure the lonely days.

They only eat what they can, 

And walk while in a haze.


Thoughts swirl in their heads.                               

Found on Pinterest on 4-1-16.

Found on Pinterest on 4-1-16.

Feelings come and go.

Decisions are hard to make.

The future? They don’t know.


Time helps them deal with loss,

And accept the pain,

That comes when the heart breaks,

For nothing stays the same.