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Found on Pinterest on 3-16-16. "Breaking," by Qinni.

Found on Pinterest on 3-16-16. “Breaking,” by Qinni.

Emotions are  feeling states

That seek expression, are innate.

They can be intense or quite mild 

We can feel them like an adult, child.

We often build fences around them,

Let them out in a light that is dim.

They can be like a wave moving in and out.

They can be expressed with a terrible shout.

Emotions can move us to tears,

Or age us beyond our physical years.

They can make us do terrible acts,

Or avoid dealing with difficult facts.

Emotions can touch our very soul,

Or make us feel we are not whole.

Feelings can stop us from loving a brother.

Or bring forth cruelty in one another.

Fear can stop us from taking a chance,

Or put us in some sort of trance.

Hate can remove our ability to reason,

Or keep us from seeing friends for a season.

Sadness can suck joy from our lives,

Or bring forth such terrible cries.

If we didn’t have feelings, we’d be a  bore.

We’d  feel something missing from our core.