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Found on 4-9-16 on lessonslearnedinlife.com.Painful tears.

Found on 4-9-16 on lessonslearnedinlife.com.Painful tears.

Pain cuts like a knife across her heart.

It’s a never-ending, twisting thing

That makes the mind split a part.

It erases songs she yearns to sing.


Pain pulls her shoulders and her head down.                 

It comes from behind to knock her out.

It replaces her smile with a terrible frown.

It destroys her faith and creates huge doubt;


Pain brings out the negative, spits out the good.

It moves from the stomach and into the brain.

It replaces ” I  can” with the shaming of ” should.”

It make’s her feel she is going insane.


It makes her unsure of how to feel.

It’s a horrible thing to deal with her self.

She put’s forth an image that’s not even real.

It’s hard to relate, and it hurt’s her health.


Pain is hard to get over and to keep going on,

When the body refuses to move.

Pain often steals hope  from the soul,

And removes the power to soothe.