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Blackness comes slowly with the night.

Each moment filled with hurt and pain.

Some  monsters move in the dark.

Found on Pinterest on 4-9-16. Fine-art-america1

Found on Pinterest on 4-9-16. Fine-art-america1

They have sharp teeth that bite,

Burning cigarettes that leave a mark,

And rough hands that tear the skin.

Ugly words can wound  the heart.

Betrayal destroys, “what might have been.”


Still men deny, that evil can  exist:

That killing isn’t part of man’s desire,

Angry words are only said in jest.

No man beats a woman with his fist.

When he cheats, it is  always for the best.

Every man deserves to have a gun.

He fails to see the damage it can do

Yet,  the violence has been done.


I know Light can exist in darkness.

It gives men the courage to walk

The path of least resistance

Filled with love and service..

It is with God’s  assistance

That men can come together

To meet each others needs

And respect their creeds.