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Found on Pinterest on 3-17-16.. Lizz White.

Found on Pinterest on 3-17-16.. Lizz White.

Truth has a way of dissecting you clean in half. It can come when you are in a deep sleep and slap you awake. It can get you to look at yourself more honestly and bring you face to face with reality. Truth can cause your soul to sing, or it can make you wish you were already dead. It can give you blessings or carve your heart out with a terrible sword. Truth can be your friend or hurt you in unimaginable ways.

Truth winnows the weak from the strong, the just from the unjust, and foolish men from men of wisdom. It can send one to heaven or the deepest parts of hell. It always takes away one’s innocence. A person is never the same after hearing it. Most of the time, Truth is hard to drink and bitter to swallow.

Truth has a way of jerking you out of childhood and throwing you head-long into maturity. Yet, if I had to choose between hearing a lie or hearing the truth, I would always choose to hear the truth. It prevents you from having to face unpleasant surprises in the future. Truth is always a two-edged sword. It must be handled carefully in order to prevent irreversible damage.