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Child of the night-time,

Sobbing herself to sleep

Asking herself the questions,

That only make her weep.


No one understands her,

Or even wants to know

All of the scary secrets

Hiding down below.


She’s a survivor,

Living by her wits;

Nursing her wounds,

When torn to bits.


She’s going underground,

And going to stay awhile.

When she surfaces,

She’ll have a fake smile.


She’ll play all the games,

Others want to play,

And lose her “real self”

While others have their way.


She’s smart enough to know

She’s never going to win.

She’ll give up all her needs,

And forget, “What might have been.”


For the past has taught her well,

And broken her in half.

“Only I can save my self,”

She says with a laugh.