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Found on Google+ on 1-7-15. Gustavo-tavio- photography.

Found on Google+ on 1-7-15. Gustavo-Tavio- photography.

















I hear the slapping of the rising sea

Along the jagged sea-shore,

The roar of the surf at day’s end.

The moon’s gravity pulls the water and

Seeks to control the power of the tide.


I imagine wading into the riptide,

Feeling the water tear at my body,

Knowing I tight-rope a fine line

Between life and death in the current

While my fate hangs in the balance.


My love of the infinite sea,

Has blinded me to its many perils.

I wait with eager anticipation

For the incoming tide.

Moonlight stimulates my senses.


The salt water of the tide touches me

And kisses my face in the sea’s mist.

My arms embrace the sea like a lover,

And my body is rocked in the 

Coming and the going of  the water.


Those who love the immensity of the sea

Understand the power of the tide

That  pulls the sailor’s heartstrings to return

To the open water, sun, and sky,

To become one with God who created it all.