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Found on Pinterest 4-1-16.

Found on Pinterest 4-1-16.

I don’t know why I feel

Half the way I do.

If I felt the whole way,

I’d be the color blue.

Don’t know how to put

My foot down and walk.

The pain is so intense.

I’d be screaming for a block.

I don’t know how to speak

The words balled up inside.

I can’t understand

Why I need to cry.


My thoughts are jumbled up

My abdomen aches.

Every thing I’ve done

Is just one big mistake.

I had a dream I kept

For my heart’s sake..

How do I  live after

That dream dies?

I’ve lost everything,

That’s not a surprise.

People come and go.

I see it in your eyes.


I don’t know how to Be

Courageous, torn apart.

How do I live

With only half a heart?

Found on Pinterest on 4-4-16.

Found on Pinterest on 4-4-16.

How does one go on

When the light goes out?

How does one hold on,

When there’s only doubt?

In the grand scheme of things,

You learn it is true,

Only you give a damn about

What happens to you.