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We often fail to understand

The things people do.

Found on Pinterest 4-2-16.

Found on Pinterest 4-2-16.

We speculate, incriminate,

Make quick judgments too.


I threw coins upon the ground.

Did it with no remorse.

I smiled as I walked away.

I kept a steady course.


Someone came to talk with me.

With anger in his face.

“Pick up that bit of trash,

Don’t leave behind a trace.”


A little boy came down the street

And picked the money up.

He held the coins so tenderly.

He went and bought a cup.


He found a water fountain,

And he filled it to the brim.

He took it to his neighbor

who had just lost a limb.


In a corner of my mind,

I saw another child

Pick up some money

And hold it close awhile.


He went to the  market.

He bought a loaf of bread.

He gave it to some children.

All of them were fed.


An angel from heaven

Had cared enough to leave,

A bit of money

So others could believe


God  was often

Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16. helping hands. Dalai Lama.

Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16. helping hands. Dalai Lama.


His children down below.

He  scattered coins

So others might know:


Every single person,

Needs a nice surprise,

Especially little children

With hope in their eyes.