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This book was written by Mary L. Williams. It is a small, thin book of positive statements that parents can read to their children. The messages can be easily internalized by children as messages they can carry with for the rest of their lives. Adults, who have been abused or neglected as children, can gain some benefit by reading these affirmations to the Child within themselves, as a tool to increase their self-esteem. The illustrations in the book are quite beautiful.

Reading to oneself can be a healing experience, especially if done repeatedly over time. One of the affirmations used in the book is:

“You don’t have to be perfect. I still love you, even when you make mistakes.”1

It is a wonderful message for a child to internalize. Take the time to read it. The book has a way of attaching itself to the inside corners of your heart.

Other books that can soothe, comfort, or increase self-esteem are listed below:

  1. Found on Pinterest on 3-22-16.

    Found on Pinterest on 3-22-16.

    The Little Prince. Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

  2. The Velveteen Rabbit. Margery Williams.
  3. Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You. Nancy Tillman.
  4. I Love You To The Moon And Back. Illustrated by Tim Warnes.
  5. I Love You Night And Day. Smriti Prasadam-Halls. Illustrated by Alison Brown.
  6. On The Night You Were Born. Nancy Tillman.
  7. God Bless You Night And Day. Hannah C. Hall; Illustrated by Steve Whitlow.
  8. I Love You As Big As The World. David Van Buren. Illus. by Tim Warnes.
  9. On The Day You Were Born. Debra Frasier.
  10. Forest Child. Marni McGee. Illus. by A. Scott Banfill.
  11. You’re Here For A Reason. Nancy Tillman.
  12. Follow The Moon. Sarah Weeks. Illus. by Suzanne Duranceau.
  13. If I Could Keep You Little. Marianne Richmond.


Found on Pinterest on 2-11-16. Sara Hadenfeldt. All Boy.

Found on Pinterest on 2-11-16. Sara Hadenfeldt. All Boy.












1 Williams, Mary L. 1991. My Precious Child. Affirmations for the Child Within. Deerfield Beach, Florida. Health Communications, Inc.