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Hey, Little One,

You deserve the best,

That life can offer to you.

Found on Pinterest on 2-21-16.

Found on Pinterest on 2-21-16.

Don’t sell yourself short

When you can’t build a fort.

You’are more,

Than “what you can do.”

Come sit down beside me.

Put your head down,

On my arm

As you fall asleep.

You don’t have to prove

That you’re in the groove.

You have my permission

To weep.

You deserve the respect

Of those that  you meet;

To be treated fairly by all.

Seek to be true

To the real self in you.

Forget about building a wall.

It takes great courage,

To pull yourself up,

After you’ve fallen down.

Reach out your hand.

Think of a plan.

Get yourself up

Off the ground.

You are precious to God,

And precious to me.

Found on Pinterest on 2-10-16. Zara.

Found on Pinterest on 2-10-16. Zara.

Just be whoever you are.

You can be liked too,

For just being you.

You don’t have to be

 A star.

Never give up

On your self-respect.

For one day you will find:

Giving it all to others,

Not protecting your cover,

Will leave you exposed,

 From behind.