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Feelings have color, taste, and form

For those  with a sensitive nature.  

Found on Pinterest on 2-22-16. Louise Erdrich.

Found on Pinterest on 2-22-16. Louise Erdrich.

Not everyone is born with this,

A gift from The Great Creator.

At times it seems like a blessing.

Sometimes it feels like a curse.

Emotions can make us feel pleasant,

Or they can make us feel worse.

Despair is thin, the mouth dry,

With a powdery taste on the tongue.

The chest aches with discarded tears,

And songs left unsung.

Depression is black and bitter,

Heavy with the weight of oppression.

The chest feels tight and the breath slows,

And the skin feels little sensation.

Anger causes the head to feel tight,

The rhythm of the heart to quicken.

The skin can take on a reddish hue,

And the soul feels stricken.

Sadness is a charcoal gray

And leaves no taste in the mouth.

It comes in waves like the ocean tide.

Everything good goes south.

Fear has a bit of a metallic taste,

And encases the body in tension.

The heart-beats speed up and

The soul strives for ascension.

Love is the color of red,

Found on Pinterest on 2-16-16. Lilac Time.

Found on Pinterest on 2-16-16. Lilac Time.

And causes the heart to sing.

It’s a sweet taste on the lips,

And the smell of flowers in Spring.

Joy is the color of giving,

A beautiful color of yellow.

Joy brings fun in living,

And comforts like a pillow.

So many kinds of feelings,

To cope with them is an art.

We cannot  stuff them all.

For they live within the heart.