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Found on Pinterest on 3-2-16. Nicholas Sparks.

Found on Pinterest on 3-2-16. Nicholas Sparks.

The Power Of Words.

Words have always fascinated me since the time I was able to utter one. I loved the sound of them rolling off my tongue. Sometimes, I would sit in the tall grasses and pronounce over and over the same word. I’d wonder who made up the word initially and why. I loved to sing songs, especially while jumping to the beat of wooden bamboo poles rapping against each other.

Later, I found joy in the rhythm and movement of words on a piece of paper and the magic of words written in books. I became an avid reader   and a connoisseur of poetry books.

When I was a child, I learned that words had the power to create fear in people, especially when they were said in a loud and threatening voice. Negative words could damage one’s self-esteem, take away confidence in one’s skills to accomplish tasks. Affirmations could lighten the burdens that weighed heavily on the human heart. Inspiring words had the power to raise the spirit, make one keep going even when tired. Words of love and caring had the power to make the soul sing, the heart give more and be more. Words of validation made one sure he or she was being heard,  and taken seriously. Reassuring words could bring comfort to a  wounded heart.

As an older person, I have become aware of how much pleasure and acknowledgement comes when one’s name is spoken by someone else, how frightening it is to ask for help when one’s strength is gone, to reach out for love if one’s ability to trust has been damaged, and how difficult it can be to describe emotions with words. The old have need for words of comfort, of reassurance, and love, for they live loneliness. Most of all, they need focused attention and  loving words spoken by others. It is important to say the words that need to be said and heard  before the old die. Words have the power and the ability to heal. Sadly, they also have the power to destroy.


Found  on Pinterest on 2-21-16.

Found on Pinterest on 2-21-16.