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Eve. A Novel, written by Wm. Paul Young, is a delightful book to read. As with all books we read, we bring who we are to the table to read it. We find knowledge and meaning in what we ingest. This is my personal take on this book.

Eve is allegorical in nature and lyrically written by the Author who writes beautifully, and whose words dance and almost sing on the pages of the book. It is a tale about a woman, Lilly, who is found after washing up on a shore inside a metallic container with other women who are found dead. She is the only survivor and is physically, emotionally, and spiritually broken by the abuses she has endured in her childhood and up to her being found. She is shackled by a past she can’t remember and which fills her with shame. She is cautious, fearful, confused, and sometimes angry, but has no idea why.

It is a book that operates on different dimensions of time and space. The story moves back and forth through the past, the present, and the future. One gets the sense that Lilly’s soul moves free from her  body and travels in search of meaning and healing while her body is being treated for her physical injuries.

Lilly is filled with self- doubt, and helplessness. She has lost her purpose for living and her world has been turned upside down. She feels damaged as a human being, unworthy to even exist, and feels she does not belong anywhere. She is found and is nursed back to life by a group of people who are kind and caring. and patient. One member is deceptive and causes problems for Lilly, Simon.

Lilly meets Eve, a black woman, who tells Lilly she is her mother. The book also tells Eve’s story. Eve is presented as the mother of all, and becomes a guide, a mentor to Lilly. Lilly, Eve said, was sent to witness the Creation, God making Adam and then Eve,  watching their relationship with God, and witnessing how they both turned away from God. She observes the coming of evil in the form of a serpent, and sees how God handles it all.

At first Lilly rejects Eve, is distant from the people who are helping her, and is angry at God for not protecting her from abuse in the past. She let’s everyone know she is not religious, does not trust anyone, and she rejects her purpose for being there.

Eve proceeds cautiously with Lilly. She gives her support, comfort, caring, and helps her face her fears. She accepts all of the negative feelings Lilly has toward herself, others, and God. Eve encourages her to take one step at a time, to take risks, and become more confident in her ability to remember and handle her past.  Lilly learns she can be her real self without fear of being judged or punished. She strives to find out who she once was, who she is now, in the present, and what she is to become.

Eve, the book, describes beautifully the Creation of the universe, Adam, and Eve, and their relationship with God. The words of Mr. Young are so descriptive and amazing that the reader yearns to connect with God in a more personal, face-to-face way.

God tells Lilly He loves Her and wants a real relationship with her. She is told man is given a choice to trust in Him to make good on His promises, or man can turn away and trust only in himself. He tells Lilly that Trust is about relationships, not power.1

I highly recommend reading Eve. It will make you think about God, relationships, your relationship to God, and your purpose for being here on earth.



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