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Found on Pinterest on 2-16-16. Lilac Time.

Found on Pinterest on 2-16-16. Lilac Time.


Broken hearts are hard to mend

If you seek, “What might have been.”

Harder still, if you are stuck

Saying, “It was all bad luck.”

If you find, You’re blaming self;

Believe they have more inner wealth;

Remain convinced, “It’s all my fault,”

That they broke your kind heart;

Then, believe there’s something strange

When you are asked to rearrange

Your schedule and the things you like.

Time to tell them, “Take a hike.”


If they really cared for you,

They would do what they could do

Found on Pinterest on 2-5-16

Found on Pinterest on 2-5-16. Tulipa Ballade Dream. Lateigha Herbert.

To protect you from all harm;

If danger lurks, give the alarm.

They’d cherish the love you give,

And teach you better ways to live.

They’d show respect for who you are;

If needed, love you from afar.

They’d laugh at funny things you say;

Respect your body day by day;

Honor values you hold dear;

And when you need it, give a cheer.


Just remember from the start,

Love can grow within the heart.

No matter if hope fades away,

And someone stoops low to betray

The love and trust you give to them,

And your faith within grows dim,

There are people you can trust,  

Found on Pinterest On 2-17-16.

Found on Pinterest On 2-17-16.

Others who are kind and just.

Don’t settle for the ones who hurt.

Toss those people in the dirt.

Always keep your standards high,

And give love a chance to fly.