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Found on Lessons Learned In Life on 2-17-16.

Found on Lessons Learned In Life on 2-17-16.

Letting Go

Life is full of twists and turns. The road of life is not straight, nor is it smooth. Sometimes it twists back to take care of unresolved issues or to see things from an entirely different perspective. The road always stretches on before us. We tarry for a period of time to gather resources, to renew our spirits, to leave parts of ourselves behind as gifts for those who touch our lives. But invariably, we press on.

The hardest thing in life is learning to let go, especially for those of us who have endured so many losses. We have to make room for the new, and we have to let go of those who can no longer teach us or help us grow. We have to let go of those who no longer want us in their lives, or who stifle our spiritual and emotional growth. This is very hard to do when we love. We want so much to keep them in our lives. With sadness, we learn we must let go. We do so with sadness and with tears.


Found on Pinterest 2-11-16.

Found on Pinterest 2-11-16. Bloomingintowellness.com