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” Fuzzy face, I love you,”

Is my favorite thing to say

To the sweetest little creäture

Scaned by Yu/stan/kema on 2-18-16.  Personal photograph.

Scaned by Yu/stan/kema on 2-18-16. Personal photograph.

Who loves to run, and play.


He becomes a source of comfort

When trouble is a foot.

He checks me out completely

When he knows that I am hurt.


His eyes are brown and soulful,

And full of innocence.

They melt my resolve.

I have no commonsense.


His ears are soft like velvet.

His teeth are tiny too.

I love his little nose,

And tricks that he can do.


His fur is thick in winter.

I cut it in the spring.

I bathe him in the kiddie pool,

We don’t miss anything.


He loves to catch the ball

When I throw it in the air.

His body often flies

As he lands most anywhere.


He comes to where I’m sitting

And watches with his eyes,

My facial expressions,

For he wants my french fries.


He moves his little rump

Closer to my chair,

And holds his muzzle up

For me to brush his hair.


He loves his little crate,

Sleeps on blankets in the night.

I sing him lullabies

And his world becomes just right.


We really make a pair,

My sweet dog and I.

I give him all I have

And never question why.