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Found on Pinterest On 2-17-16.

Found on Pinterest On 2-17-16.


I haven’t any wings

To fly to You, Father,

So a prayer is all I have

To reach You, as Your daughter.


I am sending words through space,

Hope You’ll have a listening ear.

My heart is nearly broken,

And I have a lot of fear.


I know You’ll understand,

Even though I may be broken,

My spirit is intact and

I’ll find Your door is open.


My burdens have increased,

The older I’ve gotten.

I’ve lost my body’s strength.

There is much I’ve forgotten.


I am tired to the bone.

The struggle has been hard,

Just to keep myself a float

And trust You with my heart.


I know there is a reason

For the burdens that I carry.

I know I must have faith.

I have no time to tarry.


For the last leg of my journey,

Found on Pinterest on 2-16-16. Quote Diary.

Found on Pinterest on 2-16-16. Quote Diary.

I have little left to lose.

If God offers me His help,

How on earth can I refuse?


Father, lift me up to heaven

And throw my burdens down.

I promise I’ll go with You,

And leave without a sound.