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The heart is deep and dusty, and it longs for sweet release,

The beauty of awakening, after heavy winter sleep.

A tulip in mid-winter beckons daffodils of spring.

Found on Facebook Timeline on 1-1-16.

Found on Facebook Timeline on 1-1-16.

If I can only wait it out, my soul again will sing.

The smell of spring appeared today… a fainting, fleeting glimpse.

The briefest flash of better days rode in upon the scent.

The dark days and the lone abyss can weigh the spirit down,

The longings of a soul suppressed in which so many drown.

With age I see the seasons in a wholly different light.

They offer such perspective on the ups and downs of life.

The poems and the passions, the loss, and the strife

Inviting me closer, to the self, the me, the “I.”

I know that she’s still in there…she winks, I shrug…we cry.

A blizzard in November and the heat of mid-July,

To  live with such extremes, I fear that I might die.

But weather has  much to teach us,

If we keep on walking, TRY

I know leaves  fall in autumn,

Found on Pinterest on 10-30-15. Albert Einstein quote.

Found on Pinterest on 10-30-15. Albert Einstein quote.

Like all things, in due time

I look around and  wonder,

Am I  past my prime?

Perhaps, I’m like the weather–uncertain and sublime.


As the sparrow flies off to the east, not knowing how or why,

Some mid-life day you’ll wake and find, not all  poems  rhyme,

Like weather, people, life… and the mysteries of time.

Mother Nature holds the secrets and the meaning of it all,

And restores peace within me with the Holy Spirit’s call,

Like sunshine warm at noonday and gentle storms at night.

I’ve learned from all life’s seasons how to stay upright.

I need my time of solitude and time to rest and sleep;

Like the storms of summer, I also need to weep;

And like the leaves of autumn, I will fall repeatedly.

New growth will emerge deep inside of me.

With rebirth, I’ll shine like a thousand suns,

For great mornings come when night is done.

Death precedes rebirth as winter turns to spring.

Found on Pinterest on 2-5-16..Google search. Flowers in the snow. Kimela.

Found on Pinterest on 2-5-16..Google search. Flowers in the snow. Kimela.

I need to hold on, not fear what life brings.

Like tulips  bloom in winter, I will bloom again too.

I know my peace is coming if I can see it through.

JENNY HARDIN ( 1/31/16).





*”Jenny Hardin is a writer and had a book published in 2014: Get Busy Living. The Art Of Getting Unstuck. It’s a wonderful, practical book to read on psychology. She likes to write poetry too. I enjoy her writing. She allowed me to post one of her poems on my blog today.”