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Pinterest on 1-24-16. RUMI.

Pinterest on 1-24-16. RUMI.


I’ve been asked by others why

I do the things I do.

The answer that makes sense,

Is that I’m driven to

By a force that lies within

The center of my being.

When it wakes, a river flows

From where the angels sing.

When I freely give to others,

It comes straight from the center,

And a need arises stronger

When the Holy Spirit enters.

When I write, I feel the movement

Of the Spirit deep inside                     

Found on Pinterest 1-24-16. Thich Nhat Homb.

Found on Pinterest 1-24-16. Thich Nhat Hanb.

That urges me to share,

And forget my foolish pride.

For there is joy in my soul

When I act and follow Spirit

For it makes me grow inside

Every time I feel or hear it.