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For years I’ve been able to

Forgive those who wronged me.

Found on Pinterest on 1-13-16. Godfruits.com.

Found on Pinterest on 1-13-16. Godfruits.com.

It was not easy to do.

I wanted peace for myself

And to live my life anew.


But there are times when

Forgiveness can’t be given:

  • When promises are broken.
  • When a small child is hurt.
  • When someone breaks your spirit.
  • When someone steals your hope.
  • When someone breaks your trust.

I must get back to the task of liven.’

The pain is huge and my heart can’t trust.

Teach me God how to really cope.

I know that letting go is a must.

Background with butterflies.Found on lessonslearnedin life.com. Brigitte Nicole.

Background with butterflies.Found on lessonslearnedinlife.com. Brigitte Nicole.

Give me strength to forgive again,

And receive  love without fearing it.