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Little child skipping down the street

Feels the pavement under her feet.

Houses peeling under the sky. 

No one waves or even says, ” hi.”


Lost in her world of wonderful smells,

She sees flowers in the midst of hell.

Animals come to smile and greet her.

In her mind, she is safe and secure. 


She leaves her family’s  house behind,

Clears the sadness from her mind.

Violence around her disappears.

There is an absence of her tears.


She chooses to change her circumstances:

With animals and flowers, she dances,

She makes the world a beautiful place

In order to get some breathing space.


She is able to wipe away her pain

Until hope and love can come again.

She hides from a world that does not care.

In her safe world, God is everywhere.


Found on Pinterest on 11-29-15.

Found on Pinterest on 11-29-15.