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In our lives, we meet people who are special to us. These are the ones who take the time to know us, listen to us, and give of themselves in invaluable ways to help us. They let us know they enjoy us. These special people bring us to a new level of growth spiritually and emotionally. They teach us very valuable lessons in life. They seek our good.

When we are around them, we feel the warmth of their caring, their acceptance of all we are. They have integrity and they tell us the truth, even when we’d rather not hear it. Their words and their presence calms us. and we find ourselves compelled to be our  best. Most of all, we feel a spiritual connection with them. We are lucky if we find three in our life time. They commit time, attention, and caring to us willingly, joyfully. We remember these people until the day we die and we know without a shadow of a doubt they will remember us. They are gifts from God, more precious and valuable than anything on earth. They make us feel cherished, and that makes all the difference in how we live and what we become. The following poem was written for these special people.


Special people come into our lives

Found on Pinterest on 1-1-16.

Found on Pinterest on 1-1-16.

And produce in us thoughts and feelings

That enable us to become strong,

And we feel a sense of healing.

They take us places inside ourselves

And help our souls to grow.

They give us a different perspective

On what we think we know.

They teach us lessons to learn,

And make us believe we can do it.

They make us feel accepted inside

And they help us be congruent.

They enable us to see our flaws

And face our deepest fears.

They inspire us to do the hard work,

Give comfort when we have tears.

They enable us to touch our pain

And feel like we’re okay.

They stay in the center of our heart

Found on G+ on 10-22-15. George Fletcher.

Found on G+ on 10-22-15. George Fletcher.

Even when they are far away.

Later in life in looking back,

We come to realize,

They were God’s greatest gifts to us,

His wondrous love in disguise.