MY FAVORITE THINGS IN 2015,  THIS CHRISTMAS.                                                             

Found on 12-6-15 on Pinterest. Love's Pure Light.  Kathy Lawrence..

Found on 12-6-15 on Pinterest. Love’s Pure Light. Kathy Lawrence..

1. The picture of Mary and Jesus by Kathy Lawrence.  

      * The gift of Eternal life, grace, and Forgiveness.

2. Making Christmas cookies with my son, and Christmas dinner.

3. Watching the lights on the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music.

4. Seeing joy on the faces around the tree as gifts are unwrapped.  

5. Being able to find peace within and help that strengthens me.

6. Calling friends to wish them a Merry Christmas.  

7. Having wonderful dogs that make life humorous.

Found on Pinterest on 12-6-15.

Found on Pinterest on 12-6-15.