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The social fabric of society is changing. Like many of you,  I am startled, perplexed, and horrified by what has happened to our country. We have lost our moral compass on what is right and wrong. We have forgotten that decency and respect is a part of civility, that being appropriate in what we say and do is what made our country great in the past. It is an important part of  the health of a civilization. Taking care of the poor, the old, the infirmed, those without families, and the children is also a measure of how healthy a civilization is.

I grew up in a nation where the people we sent to Washington knew what they were sent to do, to represent The People; and not just corporations, the rich, political organizations hungry for power and money willing to do anything, say anything to feed their selfish interests regardless of how it hurts the nation as a whole, and The People they represent. We are a diverse nation and so it stands to reason that: negotiation, compromise, allowing people the opportunity to present their ideas without coercion, slander, name calling,  shutting down the government, must prevail.

To convince oneself that Christianity is making ugly, degrading remarks about the disadvantaged; withdrawing funds to help those in poverty, those too sick or too old to work; taking away funding to feed children, and services for children in need of care; and taking funding away for insurance needed for those with pre-existing conditions, the old, and those with low incomes is distorting what Christ taught. Robbing the Social Security fund to balance budgets is plain stealing. States who cut taxes for the rich and businesses are cutting educational funds, cutting programs for the aged, the poor, the handicapped, and taking highway and road funds to make up the difference in their budgets. Giving state legislatures and congressmen raises, big raises, and not giving those who rely on Social Security for income a raise is unfair and unconscionable. How can decent men sleep doing such things? Moral integrity is hard to find  in the halls of Congress. I am thankful for those who still speak up and want justice for all.

Fear of Terrorists is causing us to lose all reason. I refuse to be dehumanized by fear. The actions of a few does not make all refugees or immigrants suspect. Making ugly remarks about a group of people, making threats to hurt them, terrorize them, deport them, or refuse to accept them is not the answer. Hate breeds more hate. We need to embrace more of the values of true Christianity; treat others with respect and dignity; mirror to others freedom, justice for all; and teach manners. Freedom does not give one a license to take away the respect and dignity others deserve.  It does not give one the license to bully demean, and act in unspeakable ways. After all, we are suppose to be a civilized society. We need less greed, and more prayers sent to those who represent us. Prayers that they will continue to fight for freedom, justice and dignity for all who live in the United States of America.