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Found on Facebook Time Line on 12-5-15. Taken by Jim Tanselle.

Christmas is a very special time of the year for me. I’ll be seeing my son and his partner on Christmas, and the scene above reminds me of the happiness I will have. The scene invites me to remember all the joy the season brings: being with the people I love, sitting before a blazing fire, enjoying the good food my son makes, and making Christmas dinner with him. His house is always cheerfully decorated at Christmas. I often meet his friends and neighbors that stop by. We have a wonderful heart warming time.

I love Christmas. It reminds me of the greatest gift given to mankind, God’s Son, and all the promises that are a part of that when we accept God’s gift. A manger was part of my decorations on Christmas: a hand-made stable made of lumber and tree bark and the many life like figurines I placed around the manger. As I grew older, the tree became harder to get up, but I always put out my manger and the figurines, given to me each Christmas from my son.

Found on Pinterest on 12-6-15. Mary and Jesus.

Found on Pinterest on 12-6-15. Mary and Baby Jesus. youtube.com

I love the smell of pine trees and firs in the air as well as cedars. We had a live tree in our house until I found out my son and I were both allergic to it. How glorious the smell was though. There is nothing like it. We would decorate the tree, and the miniature lights were the best part. I would put out all the decorations he had made. It was such a lovely sight. I have an audiotape of a Christmas, long ago, of him waking up, and the sound of his laughter as his shoes hit the floor and him running for the Christmas tree. So many precious memories I still see and hear around this time of the year. As you grow old, these memories enrich your days and remind you of the most important things in life.

My son was born in December. He was the only baby born around Christmas at the hospital. The following photo reminds me of  that Christmas. He was the dearest gift I ever received.

Found on Pinterest on 12-6-15. Capturing Joy by Kristen Duke Photography.

Found on Pinterest on 12-6-15. Capturing Joy by Kristen Duke Photography.

I hope this Christmas will be a happy one for you, and  that the days ahead in the new year will hold wonderful memories  for you and your loved ones. Best wishes for the Holidays.