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Found on Pinterest on 11-21-15.

Found on Pinterest on 11-21-15.










The Lord’s Prayer

OUR FATHER Thank you God for letting us be Your children and allowing us to call You, Abba, Father.

WHO ART IN HEAVEN Thank You God for preparing a home for us, a resting place.

HALLOWED BE THY NAME. –Thank You for showing us how to become holy in Your sight.

THY KINGDOM COMEThank You God for giving us a way to come back to You and something to look forward to.

THY WILL BE DONEThank You God for watching over us and providing us with direction to live a blessed life.

ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.- Help us realize, You know what is best for us, for You know all things in heaven and on earth.

GIVE US THIS DAY Thank you for giving us another twenty-four hours to live.

OUR DAILY BREADThank you for the food You have provided for us.

AND FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSESThank You for still loving us when we make mistakes and stray away from you. You are willing to overlook our weaknesses and focus on our strengths.

AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US.– Thank You for sending us a role model for us to emulate. Thank You for believing in our ability to give Love.

AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATIONHelp protect us from the things that can hurt us and others.

BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL.-Thank You for caring about our souls and protecting us.

FOR THINE IS THE KINGDOMWe recognize You are in charge and give us all things we need.

THE POWER, AND THE GLORY FOREVERThank You for allowing us to worship You.


Matthew 6: 9-13, New Testament.



Found on Pinterest on 10-30-15. Roan Mountain.

Found on Pinterest on 10-30-15. Roan Mountain.