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Found on Pinterest on 11-14-15. Daughterbydesign.wordpress.com

Found on Pinterest on 11-14-15. Daughterbydesign.wordpress.    com.


I’m going “Home,” to see my Father.

I have missed the comfort of

Being in His holy presence

And feeling His great love.

His light is warm and tender,

His eyes are a sky blue.

His face is like sunlight

Sparkling in the dew.

He smells like the sweet clover

Found in the month of May.

His voice can sound like thunder,

Or like a child at play.

His hands are strong and tender.

He wipes away my tears.

He heals my broken spirit

And removes all my fears.

He wraps His love around me

Like a warm summer day.

I feel the cold inside me

Begin to melt away.

Found on Pinterest on 11-9-15.

Found on Pinterest on 11-9-15.

“Home” is very different

From the days I lived on earth.

I seldom felt special

Since the day of my birth.

Words were seldom spoken

To give me encouragement,

When I started missing

All that God has meant.

My traveling is over.

Found on Google + on 6-13-15. Giovanny Torres.

Found on Google + on 6-13-15. Giovanny Torres.

I’m  unfastening the ties

That bind me to the earth

So I can soar the star-lit skies.

I have lost the will to be here.

I am going “Home” to God.

I will touch and smell each flower

On the hills where He has trod.

I will lay my body down

Beside a sparkling stream.

I will lose myself in music

And allow my soul to dream,

Of good things and bright things

And teach my soul to sing.

I will kneel before My Father

And reclaim my Eagle’s wings.

We will fly over mountains.

We will soar the endless skies,

And I will see eternity

Within His loving eyes.