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If I wake up in the morning,

Will I find the world is fine?

Will I greet  a new tomorrow

Feeling something deep inside?

Will I see the sky above me,

Full of colors..pink and gold?

Will I wake up only knowing

I am slowly growing  old?

Will I feel the wind of Autumn

Trailing by with laughter sweet?

Will I bow to dark depression

Feeling  deep within defeat?

Will I know that there are others

Living who are dying too,

Slowly dying in the silence

And they’re reaching out to you?

Will I live a life of meaning

As I once had lived before,

Feeling earth, sky, and heaven,

Leaving nothing to ignore?

For I want to feel my life force

Coming, going as the tide,

Not remain an empty shell

Void of feeling deep inside.

Yu/stan/kema (age 33).

Found on Pinterest on 11-7-15.

Found on Pinterest on 11-7-15.