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Found on Pinterest on 10-19-15

Found on Pinterest on 10-19-15

Found on Pinterest on 10-10-15.

Found on Pinterest on 10-10-15.

There must be times when You,

Just want to turn away..

But tonight I’m asking You,

Hear what I’ve got to say:

“When I was just a child,

My faith was bigger far

Than any other thing on earth,

Perhaps, a shooting star.

I played  out by the flowers.

I played out by the sea.

I ran with Mother West Wind

Who brought Your voice to me.

I knelt among the oak trees.

I strained to hear the birds.

How sweet a lullaby for me,

Although You used no words.

I climbed up in the mountains.

There dwells Your Spirit, free.

I felt the soft hands of the rain

Caress my cheeks through Thee.

Found on Google+ on 6-8-15. AmanyBasel. Calm, Peaceful Place.

Found on Google+ on 6-8-15. Amany Basel. Calm, Peaceful Place.

Then I became a woman,

And failed my lessons well.

I walked  away from heaven 

Where you are known to dwell.

When living in the city

A doubt began to grow.

Was there a God

Who walked with me

Not so long ago?

Did I dream it all up, then.

Or were You truly real?

It’s such a shameful thing to say,

 Dear God,

It’s how I feel.

I need to be a little child

Like I was once before,

To help me see and realize

To what degree I’m poor.

Tonight, I’m really hoping

Somehow You’ll understand,

When I get my faith back,

I’ll reach up for Your hand.

You know I’m just a sinner.

Tonight, I hope you heard

What’s really hiding in my heart.

Need I write another word?”

Yu/stan/ kema (age 32)