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Found on Pinterest 10-21-15.

Found on Pinterest 10-21-15.

The Hardest Thing

The hardest thing in life

Is when people change.

It upsets our security

And causes some strife

When we try to rearrange

The concepts in our brain.

It causes  such confusion,

We whirl ourselves in space

To try to grab more tightly

To the memories we trace.

We create a delusion

In order to save face.

But stark, cold reality 

Is so hard to wipe out,

The pain comes slowly,

And creates a lot of doubt

That causes a fatality

Of the human heart.

Not all change is bad.                                                                          

Found on Pinterest on 10-20-15.

Found on Pinterest on 10-20-15.

It can cause us to grow

In to better human beings

More than we know.

Change can make us glad

Or  bring the heart low.