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Found on Pinterest on 9-20-15.

Found on Pinterest on 9-20-15.

I wonder if Christ

Ever felt alone

When He was with

A group of friends?

Did He ever feel

There was no one

Who understood

The anguish He felt

About having to face

Death without God?

Did He feel there was

A place He could  go

Where He could be Himself

And feel the pain

Of never being comforted

By those who were His friends?

Did He ever doubt

His purpose in life,

Or lose hope

When others hated Him?

Did He  feel depressed

When others made fun

And made Him wear a crown

Of thorns upon His head?

Did He  feel lost

Or have a sense

Of helplessness

When He realized the cost

Salvation would bring?

Did He ever wish He could

Just be Human for a while

And  feel the pain with in

Such a solitary life?