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The Greater Way.

Don’t make dreams your master

Yet keep a place apart

Where dreams can slowly fashion

Hope within your heart.

Learn to take the heartache

With your head held high.

Put your trust in heaven.

Do not question why.

Don’t let anger rule you,

Or cause your soul to hate

And end up fully bitter

Blaming it on fate.

Learn to love the doubters,

And the ones who lied.

Keep a forgiving spirit

By swallowing your pride.

Don’t rely on others

To keep your honor clean.

Learn to be sufficient

Should others need to lean.

Learn to give to all men

Of the self entire.

Let love burn forever

With the warmth of fire.

Don’t put off tomorrow

What you can do today.

Learn to be more kind

To those along the way.

Seek to honor all men.

Be the best you are.

You will ride the high wind

To sit among the stars


Found on Pinterest on 10-9-15.

Found on Pinterest on 10-9-1.

Eckhart Tolle.