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Found on Google on 9-21-15. United States flag.

Found on Google on 9-21-15. United States flag.

Once a proud nation

That was indivisible

And spoke proudly of

Liberty and Justice

For all,

Whose Representatives

Were sent to Congress

To advocate for

The needs of

The People,

Great men of honor

And men who knew

The value of civility

And made it their duty

To lead this nation

And resolve differences,

Now stands in disarray.

My heart aches

For the tattered flag

That now flies in the

Halls of Congress

Where men

Have forgotten

Their sacred duty

To protect and uphold

The Constitution

Of these United States.

Instead these men come

Filled with the need

To fight for their own

Self-centered interests.

They seek to slander

Those who are different.

They make up untruths

To confuse the people

They once proudly served.

They refuse to work together

For the common good.

They don’t seem to care

That people do matter.

They have all lost sight

Of becoming men

Of great honor.