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My faithful friend:

I watch you from a far. Your eyes are filled with intelligence. When I say your name, your head turns and your ears perk. You listen for my instructions. Your body stops in suspended motion, and your lips open in a little smile. As I talk, you cock your head: first to the left and then to the right. You eagerly wait for my command. I feel the love grow in the space between us.

Found Oct 30, 2014. on Google. Howard-3.

Found Oct 30, 2014. on Google. Howard-3.

I demand you “come.” Your long tail waves, like a flag in the wind, as you walk towards me. The sight of you fills my heart with joy. Your body sits in front of me on the ground. I kneel . Your dear eyes gaze into mine without judgment or reproach. You are intent on what I need.

I reach out and gently rub your silken ears, and softly touch your muzzle.. Your nose nudges my hand to let me know you want more of my touch. My fingers wrap around the muscles on your chest, your sides, and back. A pleased sound escapes from your throat. I feel your muscles loosen. You sit closer to let me know you are grateful  for my touch. I rest my hand on your head. I feel the tenderness well up inside me for the one who knows me better than I know myself. Your eyes close. I speak the words: ” I love you, fuzzy face.” Your lips smile with pure contentment. I feel  grateful for you, my faithful friend.