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Found on Google+ on 5-3-15. The Lone Wanderer. Walter Mohrle.

Found on Google+ on 5-3-15. The    Lone Wanderer. Walter Mohrle.

My little dreams float on the water,

Water smooth as sheets of ice.

No one sees them as they linger.

But for me, they will suffice.

Little prayers go up to heaven

Asking for some sweet relief,

From my trials and tribulations,

And the darkness of my grief.

I knock on the doors before me.

They are closed and barred today.

I am growing faint  from trying.

No one’s asking me to stay.

I walk the forests and the valleys

Looking for a place to sleep.

I am cold, lost, and lonely,

As the shadows round me creep.

Life is  filled with many losses.

I have struggled to find

A little hope to keep me going,

For the years have not been kind.

So I learn to keep on walking,

Putting courage in my soul,

Trying hard to not be bitter

Towards the things that take a toll.