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Lessons In Life

  1. It’s important to care and have compassion for yourself as well as other people. You deserve respect too. 
  2. People who care about you don’t threaten to leave. They try to work it out. It isn’t always possible to do, but they try.
  3. People who don’t answer your questions, have already given you an answer. It’s time to move on.
  4. Not every one is going to have your values. You can only change yourself. Don’t accept responsibility for other people’s failures or inability to understand. They are responsible for their own growth.
  5. Never be afraid to tell the truth. Other people lie because they lack the courage and integrity to tell the truth.
  6. When you find yourself trying to explain over and over who you are and why, and they still don’t get you, it’s time to stop, because they never will understand nor do they want to.
  7. When your intuition and the information tells you, it’s not a good fit, run. Don’t assume any thing. It will only cause pain in the end.
Found on Pinterest on 9-27-15.

Found on Pinterest on 9-27-18.It is good to express the feelings and the thoughts           of the “real you.” You have the right to ask                   questions, to ask for what you need, to                     negotiate.

9.Don’t let any one shame you in doing so. You deserve to get your needs met too.

Found on Pinterest on 9-27-15

Found on Pinterest on 9-27-15

10. If certain things define who you are as a person, like giving or being assertive, never allow any one to shame the “real you.” Never give away pieces of yourself to make others comfortable

11. If people really want to have contact with you, they will let you know. People make promises and break promises. That says nothing about you, but it says a lot about their sense of integrity.

Found on Pinterest on 7-20-15. by Charles Olando.12. People carry with them past baggage. That does not define them or make them bad for it. It only means they have to work harder than others to achieve and accomplish goals. They have to work harder to have good relationships and most really want to. They need to be encouraged and praised for this.

13.Most people have the capacity to change their lives. There are ways of getting resources and learning skills to make that happen, but it has to come from inside you, the drive to do so. No one else can do it for you, but others can give support and encouragement.

14. Apologizing over and over to people is counterproductive. Apologizing once for something you did not do may help clear the air, but otherwise it causes more harm than good. If you are a responsible person and tend to apologize excessively, cut it out. It generally doesn’t help.

15. Letting go is not a weakness when it keeps your soul alive.

16. It is better to risk  loving and trusting others.  It makes you alive and open to life. To decide for the rest of your life to live in solitude and not reach out to others or to believe in the good in humanity, is to experience death before dying.

17. Your past, your illness does not define you. You decide how you will live and what you will be.


Found on Pinterest on 9-27-15 by A.D. Williams.

Found on Pinterest on 9-27-15 by A.D. Williams.

Found on Google+ on 9-20-15. Monte Fujii. Loide Thomaz.

Found on Google+ on 9-20-15. Monte Fuji. Loide Thomaz.

Found on Pinterest on 7-28-15.

Found on Pinterest on 7-28-15.