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Found on Timeline on Facebook, 5-28-15.

There are seasons of the mind

That  we come in contact with

Through out time.

We need to decide

Whether we want to be

Aware or unaware of

The changes.

It takes courage to see

What triggered us to cause

The darkness of depression

Or the joy in giving 

Heart-felt love.

It takes strength to gain

insight into Anger

And the beginning of Shame.

It takes truthfulness to see

And hold ourselves accountable

For our part in incidents.

It takes character to admit

When we are wrong and

Need to be responsible for

Making amends to those we hurt.

Openness is essential

As well as mindfulness

To make the connections between

The past and the present,

The thought and the feeling,

The heart and the soul,


Our behaviors and  values.

It is through such scrutiny

That we will gain the skills

To deal with the aspects of

The seasons of the mind.