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Found on Pinterest on 9-21-15.

Found on Pinterest on 9-21-15.

Some Time

Last night, my darling, as you slept

I thought I heard you sigh,

And to your little crib I crept,

And watched a space thereby;

Then I stooped and kissed your brow,

For oh! I love you so.

You are too young to know it now

But some time you shall know.

Some time, when, in a darkened place

Where others come to weep,

Your eyes shall look upon a face

Calm in eternal sleep.

The voiceless lips, the wrinkled brow,

The patient smile shall show.

You are too young to know it now,

But some time you may know!

Look backward, then, into the years

And see me here to-night.

See, O my darling, how my tears

Are falling as I write;

And feel once more upon your brow

The kiss of long ago

You are too young to know it now,

But some time you will know.

Eugene Field

“Years later, when my son was born, I would come in at night and watch him sleep. I would see him smile with his lips curled around his pacifier as he held his Raggedy Ann doll tenderly under his arm. It was so peaceful to see him lying there free from harm. He slept knowing he was loved and cherished by those who cared for him. Even now, when I look back in time, I can still smell the baby powder on his skin, feel the silky touch of his hair, and the softness of his cheek as I leaned over to kiss him goodnight. Such magical moments I shared with my son.”