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I can give you daisies

That grow along my way

When coming home at evening

As darkness hides the day.

Found on Pinterest on 9-19-15.

Found on Pinterest on 9-19-15.

I can give you babies

To cradle in your arms

And laughing carefree children

To woo you with their charms.

I can give you sunsets

And share with you the sights

Of many breathless wonders

That take place in the night.

I can give you breezes

To cool the burning sting

Of many coming heartaches

And cause your soul to sing.

I can give you beauty

That all around us lies:

The grasses, trees, and flowers,

The rain and star-lit skies.

I can give you kisses

And love you through the years.

I can hold you gently

And wipe away your tears.

I can give you blessings

Not bought at any store;

For God will keep us happy

Though many call us poor.

I can make you joyful

If you will share my life.

My little house is empty.

Please come  and be my wife.