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It amazes me when some Christians come and they are eager to tell you how much love you can receive from God, but they rarely offer their help or encouragement, or comfort. They somehow believe God is all you need and no one else. It seems contradictory, to me, because if that was so, God didn’t need to send His son Jesus to the earth so that people could have contact with God using their senses: touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. God had already figured out that humanity needed more in order

Found on Pinterest on 6-26-15.

Found on Pinterest on 6-26-15. Unknown

to know the real God. They needed reminders, things to hold on to so they could keep their hope alive. They needed to see Jesus with their eyes, hear His voice as he told stories. They needed the rituals to keep Jesus alive in their hearts. He used the sense of touch with many. He could have healed without touching anyone. Instead, He touched the man who was blind, the leaper, the prostitutes, the sinners, the children, and those who followed Him. He sat and broke bread with people who were shunned by society. He took the time to give people His attention. He was involved with people. He was not distant. He interacted with them. In truth, He loved people and He gave from His heart. When he was about to die, he told His followers to love each other and to take care of those in need of care. He made strong His instructions to His disciples. ” Love one another as I have loved you.. Love your neighbor like you love yourself.” It was meant to be a commitment. God knew people needed to feel accepted and loved by God and the followers He left behind.

This reminds me of a poem I wrote in my twenties. It describes very well what I am attempting to communicate here.


When I was down, without a friend,

You came and took my hand.

You found the time to help me up

And taught me how to stand.

Up on my feet and take the blows

Which surely came to me.

You touched my soul with loving hands

And helped my eyes to see

That God can be as real today

As He was long ago

When Love came down in human flesh

To help us all to know

How much a Father cared for us

And wanted us to be

Reconciled to Him once more

For all eternity.


Found on Pinterest on 7-16-15. New Testament. John 13:34.

Found on Pinterest on 7-16-15. New Testament. John 13:34.