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Found on Google + on 5-23-15. Jonathan Usher.

Found on Google + on 5-23-15. Jonathan Usher.

The sun sets on my life and I find

I am not afraid of death.

I have lived a good life.

I have suffered my share

Of sorrows and  my share of hurt.

It has not been an easy life.

But I must admit to you

That I have discovered joy

And happiness in living

In being my true self.

In between the losses of

My life, I have learned

From others and I’ve shared

My faith and struggles to be true

To the values I uphold and do

The will of God the best I can.

I have been good to those

Who have done me harm.

I have held a baby with joy

In my loving arms and

I have been a faithful friend

On whom you could depend.

I have loved many

With every thing I had.

I have helped willingly

Those who needed help.

I have spread goodness

In the midst of feeling pain.

I have lived and loved

And laughed at life.

I have seen the best

In the heart of me.

I fear not death.