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Found on Pinterest on 7-3-15. Quotewave.com.

Found on Pinterest on 7-3-15. Quotewave.com.

I saw a child in the alley

Looking for food to eat.

She was humming a song so softly

To herself and she was sweet.

Her hair was the color of sunlight.

Her eyes as blue as the sky.

She would whistle to herself so softly

And often ask others, “Why?

Why does a good man lie

When its easy to tell the truth?

Why does a man talk to others,

When it’s easy to be aloof?

Some are loved more than others.

Some get back little from life.

What is it that make’s a difference

Who get’s peace or strife?

Why are some men lucky,

And others can’t win a dime?

Why are some men hungry

While others eat all the time?

It seems that some are forgotten

By the God who lives upstairs.

What do you need to do

In order for God to care?