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Found on Google on 8-6-15. Great Blue Heron. Magnolia Gardens.DSC 0261.

Found on Google on 8-6-15. Great Blue Heron. Magnolia Gardens.DSC 0261.

Timothy’s eyes filled with tears. Here he was feeling as low as any one bird could feel. He felt lonely and not like his true self. He wanted to live. He was born to fly high in an endless blue sky, but fear tied him to the earth. His mother stood before him and said, “Life has been difficult for you. You almost died. It makes sense you would feel afraid. Fear does not define you. You are more than fear. Embrace your fear. It is part of you, but not all of you. You must make a choice of how you want to live. If you want to be shackled by fear and never taste what you love to eat; If you want to never feel your heart soar, nor do the things you love to do; If misery is what you desire; then choose to be controlled by fear.” Timothy didn’t want that for his life. His mother stood, eyes filled with love and acceptance.

“Timothy. your destiny lies within you. If you want to soar in endless space; If you want to eat fish and  you prefer fish; If you want to continue to do the things you love; If you want to live free and be the real you; Seize this moment and take control. Choose courage instead of fear. Chose life and not death. Feel the fear, but do what you love to do. Say to yourself when you feel fear:’ breathe’. Imagine my wings protecting you when you feel afraid. Keep your mind on something else as you battle fear. Bite your fish in pieces before swallowing. Focus on flying. Be space. Be the wind roaring past your body. Be the clouds you fly through. Find ways to meet your objectives. I cannot do this for you. You must choose and do the work to accomplish your goals. Remember always, I believe in you. Believe in yourself. You can do this. I am with you. Carry me inside your heart. Carry God within your soul. Live, my dearest one, live!”

Timothy saw her fly away, but he felt OK. He knew he carried inside the things he needed to live free. He walked down to the pond and he caught a fish. He tore it in pieces and swallowed it piece by piece. He lifted his wings to take off and felt the fear inside him. He took a breath, and he became one with the wind, the sky, and the endlessness of space. His heart soared and he became the heron he believed he could one day be.


Found on Google. Blue Heron Counseling. www.holistictherapywnc.

Found on Google. Blue Heron Counseling. http://www.holistictherapywnc.