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Found on Pinterest on 7-25-15. Doe Zantamata. www.Quotes About Living.com.

Found on Pinterest on 7-25-15. Doe Zantamata. http://www.Quotes About Living.com.

In life, we sometimes hook up with people who don’t understand us or get us. We can explain and explain who we are and what we are over and over. We can give them information written by knowledgeable people, and they still don’t get us. There are times when we mistakenly think we are worth enough, that they will grow and develop into the people we have come to believe they are capable of. We think, because they can see we are good, decent, reliable human beings and have value, that will  motivate them to make the effort to get to know us and understand us.

But the hard cold reality is, the problem did not lie in us and it never did. Sometimes no matter how much we want to believe in someone’s capacity to love, to be fair, to be just, to grow professionally, we have to give up the hope of that happening. We do not have the tools to make that happen. That task must be done by them and they must use the tools available to them.

We can not carry their failure on our backs. Sometimes fear holds them back, or incorrect assumptions they’ve made about us, or they are not driven to be or do more than they actually want to do to just get by. When there exists such a value difference between two people, the chances of a miracle happening is small.

To let go is difficult when we believe in them. To walk away when we care is so hard to do. But sometimes we must move on, because we are worth more than staying to fight a battle we can never win. We are worth much more and deserve more than that.


Found on Google+ on 7-20-15. Juhi Sharma.

Found on Google+ on 7-20-15. Juhi Sharma.